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Thursday, April 23, 2009

warming up

  1. the sun popped out today. it warmed up a lot since yesterday and the wind had settled down. me and whitty got out again today and did some more skating together. we went back to the weir and more people were out and some had their dogs with them.

  2. i got to meet a lot more new buddies while we were there. of course whitty found some people to chat with and that involved a lot of standing around. i don't mind so much when i got a buddy to pal around with. i just drives me crazy to just stand still when i could be running.

  3. whitty tried to get a good picture of a heron but we didn't get that close. at least whitty thinks it's a heron. i don't care what he calls it. i ain't getting that close to it. last summer there was an ugly red headed goose down here and it would lower it's head hiss at me. i wouldn't let it get too close. because something that ugly has to be dangerous. HAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


  1. 1. well it's been a while since my last posting. me and witty put our adventures on hold for a while because of medical reasons. whitty's mom was in the hospital so i don't blame him because i was worried too. she's doing much better now.

  2. 2. we went up to the top of south holston dam today. it was pretty windy out today when we got started. first we went up and around the picnic area back down then we crossed the dam. the wind was coming up the valley and across the dam. as we crossed the dam we thought the wind would blow us over the other side. it may not have been that bad but it was really a strong breeze. we doubled back across the dam and went around the picnic area once more.

  3. i was glad we went to the dam instead of the weir. we get tired of going to the same spot. the weir is just below the dam on the river so we had to go right by it on our way to the dam. bedsides as we passed the weir we could see that there wasn't that many folks out and i didn't see any other dogs out and about today. hopefully next time we'll see some of my buddies. i usually see more of them out on the weekend.