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Friday, September 4, 2009

down by the river

  1. me and whitty did some cross training yesterday at the weir. just as we got started skating who should show up? audi-may was there. we hadn't seen her in quite a while. me and her played while whitty and her humans chatted. i got to see a bunch of buddies i hadn't seen in a while.

  2. while we skated there was about five deer crossed the path ahead of us. i thought that they wanted to race and i took off running with whitty in tow. if he wasn't holding me back i think i could have passed them.

  3. we also saw some squirrels and canadian geese while we skated. whitty was able to get pics of them but he keeps missing pics of the deer. one of these days he'll get some pics we hope.
  4. we also went for a walk around oceola island after whitty got done skating.this time whitty took his camera with him. he wont take it while we skate so he won't break it. we did the lower half of the island but decided that was enough. the sun was starting to set and we were both getting tired so we headed back to the house.

Monday, August 31, 2009

sore foot

  1. it's been a while since me and my pet human whitty went for a workout. whitty injured his foot while mowing the yard. it wasn't anything serious but whitty says it was painful. he did limp arround for a few days. even wearing shoes put pressure on it. i let him get away with not taking me out for a while but i got tired of waiting.
  2. i finally talked him into going skating, well really i just stared at him till he gave in. yesterday he broke to my will and took me to the weir. their were a lot of people down there. we think some were having a family reunion or something like that. some were surprised when me and whitty went rolling by.
  3. i was hoping to see some of my buddies down there but none showed up. i did get to meet some new buddies and one that wasn't all that friendly. thats ok we just let them go on by and i played with the others.
  4. i got a lot of petting yesterday. thier were a lot of people that wanted to pet me. some had seen me and whitty down at the weir before and came up to chat with whitty or just to pet me. some were just curious when they saw what we were doing. kids really like to come over to pet me.