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Sunday, December 6, 2009

first snow of the year

  1. we had our first snow of the year saturday. we got an inch or two but most of it was gone by that afternoon. there was a little snow left today when me and whitty went for a walk. it was really cold today. the temps were only up into the mid 30's.
  2. we stopped by the weir today. whitty did some skating then a short walk around the island. there was quite a bit of wind before the snow fell. it left the path littered with sticks and twigs. whitty had to watch out so not to trip over them while on his skates. later we went to the top of the dam but it had the gate locked.
  3. not many folks were out today. most were fishing in the river. i was able to make a couple new friends while at the weir. there were only two other dogs out while we were there. i love summer when i get to meet more dogs but i like winter because whitty takes me to other locations. instead of just going to weir all the time.
  4. whitty wants to take me back to bays mtn. next weekend. i hope we get to go but the wind storm we had knocked down a tree there and it damaged a fence that held some wolves. bays mtn. is closed till they get them back in there habitat. whitty wants to go to a geo-caching event at the park to be held next saturday. we'll have to wait and see what happens. if we get to go i'll have more stuff for whitty to post on this site for me.