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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


  1. yesterday me and whitty were going to go to the dam for some skating. when we got there the gate was locked. we never figured out why. there was a parking area just outside the gate so we stopped and went ahead and skated across the dam and up around the picnic area. we made one lap around and back to the car. then whitty decided we should stop by osceola island and skate around by the weir.

  2. as me and whitty were skating around osceola island we spotted at least two deer. i wanted whitty to take a picture but he left the camera in the car so we missed that opportunity. that was his fault but i'll let him get away with it this time. we got pretty close to the deer we got about forty or fifty feet from them. they just stood there for a minuet or two before they finally took off.
  3. here's a picture taken from the top of south holston dam.