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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

steel creek

  1. wouldn't you know it! yesterday i finally talked whitty into taking me to steel creek park. about a mile from the park it started to sprinkle. just as we got out of the car it really started to rain. since we drove all the way over there whitty said we should wait and see if it was just a quick shower. about 20 min. later it did quit and the sun popped out.

  2. whitty put on his skates and we took off. he did ok on the paved areas but when he tried to cross wet planking of the bridges and a few walk ways he would lose traction. so i had to pull more to get him across. when we got to the pavement he would do most of it himself.

  3. nobody was out walking with their pet human. the only other dogs there were sitting in their car waiting for their pet human to get back. they just barked a lot as we passed by.

  4. pic #1 is me on a foot bridge looking out at the fountain at one end of the lake. pic #2 is me standing at one of the hiking trail heads that leads off the trail going around the lake. pic #3 is a family of ducks on the lake that we saw. pic #4 is the fountain that sits out in the lake.pic #5 is me at the train that runs through part of the park.

  5. we got to see a few ducks, some with little ones. there was lots of geese all around the lake. as we were going along the path we even seen a baby rabbit. it was too fast and whitty didn't get a picture of it.
  6. it was really warm and humid. the pavement was steaming as soon as it quit raining.the sun stayed out for an hour or so. then it started to cloud up so we made our way back to the car.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


  1. me and whitty tried to go for a hike around osceola island today. when we left the house the weather was fine. when we got to the weir it started to sprinkle. we decided to go ahead with our hike. whitty put my backpack on me and we started hiking around the island. as we made our way along the path it started to rain. we got half way around the island and me and whitty were pretty soaked. so we made a short day of it.
  2. it's been a while since we been hiking. it sort of through me off a bit cause we hadn't been hiking in so long. whitty got out my backpack and put it on me. i haven't wore the pack in about a year or better. it didn't take long to get back in rhythm. as long as we stayed under the tree canopy we didn't get too wet. so whitty would want to sprint from dry spot to dry spot. the longer we were there the more it rained, so dry spots were getting harder to find.
  3. of coarse about a half hour after we got home it quit raining and the sun popped out. go figure that out. we'll have to try hiking again another day. i tried to tell whitty that we're supposed to go hiking when the weather is colder. but he wouldn't listen to me. i'll let him off the hook this time after all he's only human.