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Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas day run

  1. we now have video up now. it took whitty a while to figure it out. i had to keep on him to get it on here. the video was easy to do but gettin it from there to here took some time. so the video is from back in the summer. whitty would have bundled up more. a lot colder temps now. next we need to get some sound track set to it. any suggestions?
  2. so speeking on our christmas day run. me and my pet human whitty would like to wish everyone a merry christmas. we hope santa got around to everyone this year. how many got coal this year? we know at least one that needs coal, but that part comes up later in our story. happy holidays and our best wishes to all.
  3. well it was christmas day and we did what everybody does. eat too much then try to sleep it off. i wanted more than that. so i kept putting (as whitty says) my "cold wet nose" up under his arm and nudging him in the ribs til i got what i wanted. to go for a run. it did take several attempts but i got him wrapped around my paw. i knew i would win eventually.
  4. it did take time to convince whitty to go and was getting close to sun down. with what time we had we just went down by the river at the weir near our home. we got down there and started getting ready and whitty figured out he had the wrong shoes for his skates so we had to go all the way back home, get the right shoes, turn around, and head back for try # 2. ok now we got what we needed. we hope.
  5. we get out whitty gets his skates on and away we go. first thing i need to do is have whitty let me check my p-mail. HAHA. after a bit of skating we walked down to the river for a drink. i think the water was warmer than the air but, it was still very cold. we made a couple more laps and i got to meet some other dogs along the way. but as we got done skating whitty wanted to walk the trail on the island a bit.
  6. we started our walk and a dog i had met earlier came back around. it looked like a white shepard type of dog. and he wanted to start a fight. his pet humans didn't have the leash on him. he started nipping me on my back and pulling some fur. whitty tried stop him and he turned and nipped whitty right below the knee (lump of coal for him). no blood but whitty got some good tooth marks on his leg. being christmas day whitty just let it go, besides he should know not to get between two dogs. we'll stay away from him from now on. we did a short walk but the sun started to set so we loaded up and headed home.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

last tuesday

  1. it's been getting colder but we had a couple of days that warmed up a bit. so i convinced whitty into taking out for some exercise. so whitty took me to the south holston dam for some skating. we parked at the observation overlook, got our gear on, then skated up to the picnic area. we circled around and started back.
  2. we passed a group of folks that was going hiking up one of the trails that run through the mountains around the lake. as we started back someone asked if we geocache, they had recognised me and whitty from one of the geocaching events we went to. after chatting whitty realized they were there after a cache we had looked for but came up empty.
  3. whitty asked if we could join the group. some of them had a bit of a head start, so whitty took off his skates and up the trail we went. we met the group on their way back. after chatting for a while and a bit of a point in the right direction, we found our target. trees and hills can play havoc with the gps.
  4. by the time we hiked back to the picnic area whitty was a bit overheated. it was cool enough for a jacket before the hike, but after hiking up and down the hills whitty was burning up. as it was getting late in the day so we headed back to the car. on the way home we stopped at the river so i could get a drink and for us to cool down a little.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

cool weather

  1.      boy we had one heck of change in the weather in the last couple of days. fall has arrived. leaves are starting to change. cool mornings. that means one thing time for some hiking. whitty says we need for snakes to den up, its still to warm later in the day and  find snakes out laying in the sun.
  2.      it took a while but i talked whitty into taking me to the weir for a short run. whitty grabbed his skates and we took off. it was kind late when we got there but we had an hour or so before dark. that gave us enough time for a couple quick laps.
  3.      seems few people were out that evening and no buddies for me to play with. must have been the cold brease late in the day. mabey if i had talked whitty into comming down sooner. i might have seen a few buddies i haven't seen in a while. well------- mabey next time.........

Sunday, September 25, 2011


  1. well whitty finally talked his uncle into coming down to the weir and filming us. I had fun but it upset my rhythm that I'm used to. me and whitty had to set up the camera and tripod. then whitty would explain to his uncle what we were about to do. so he would know where to point the camera as we came by. then we would go and get into position, then run our path in front of the camera. then see if we got the shot and if we have a do over or not. if not reset at new location and run the next shot ....ect.....ect.....ect.....
  2. we got some great shots and whitty is working on getting some clips put on our website. hope to have it up soon. stay tuned...

Monday, July 18, 2011

a bit late

  1. well whitty's behind on our postings again, but i can't put all the blame on him this time. i've had him redesigning our blog. we got some new design options so we had to sort and try new elements, some worked some not so good. lots of back and forth. we hope you like the changes. as we go other changes may take place from time to time. sorry for the long absence of postings.
  2. whitty has missed two updates to my blog. first we tried to get whitty to Danascus for a meet greet and ride on the creeper trail. we were not aware the whole town had a yard sale that day. aside from whitty being 10 min behind schedual, the traffic was backed up and almost no parking put us near the spot about 20-30 min late. then whitty forgot his printout and we missed the group get together.
  3. we weren't going for the ride anyway but missed the event. whitty said it was to far for me to run. i might try to talk whitty into getting me a trailer for a bike so i can ride. just don't tell whitty........ WHOOOOPS!!!!      so we grabbed whitty's skates and looked for some local caches in town. we found a few that day. we had to go just outside the city limits for a earthcache. the creeper trail is just the on the other side of the road from it's location. and a short distance where the App. trail crosses through. lots of hikers were comming into town for supplys. every once in a while i let whitty stop and then i'd let whitty talk with them for a minute while i took a breather.
  4. i got too see other dogs out walking their pet humans that day. i made some new freinds and i had lots of fun playing with them. we enjoyed going to Damascus, even though the town was a little crowded.  we skated through town a few times before calling it a day and heading home.
  5. a few weeks later whitty came home from work on a thursday. i was telling him that i hadn't been out in a whlile, hadn't seen my buddies in a long time, and i needed to check my p-mail. (tryin to make him feel sorry for me). well it worked and whitty took me to the weir. we pulled in the parking lot and whitty got his stuff ready to skate. not long after we got started it began to drizzle. me and whitty agreed we would run a couple of quick laps before the rain got too bad. as we made our was across the bridge we saw audi-mae and her two pet humans coming out of the trail onto the bridge. me & audi-mae wanted to play but we were all in a hurry to beat the weather.
  6. we made it a short trip. although whitty wanted to stop and talkwith folks we passed by. once in a while i let whitty stop and visit. he did meet a guy down there that just so happened to be vice principal at whittys high school while he was there. after a couple laps and getting a little damp we packed it in for the day.
  7. tomorrow i'll try to have whitty post about our trip this past saturday. this posting got us up to date except this past weekend.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

first run of 2011

  1. I finally talked whitty into taking me for a run down at the weir. i think it was on 4-15-11. whitty had got home from work that friday at a bout 4:00. the weather was nice so me and whitty jumped in the car and drove down to the river. it was sunny and warm and we thought that maxx might get to see some of his buddies he haven't seen since last year. when we arrived the parking lot was pretty close to empty. just a few people were out today and we seen no buddies for maxx to play with.
  2. we made the best of it we could. whitty got out his skates and we made a few laps across the bridge to the far side of the island and back. after a couple laps me and whitty took a break and walked down to the river. maxx got a drink while whitty took a short break. a lap or two later we were through exercising and loaded back up and headed home.
  3. sorry, but it's taken me this long to get whitty to update my blog. then i got him started and we had some storms come through the area. a bunch twisters hit near and around bristol ,tn. we were fine but it knocked out the computers in our house.  i've bee nipping at his heels ever since to get him to post on  my blog. i'll give him a little break 'cause he's been workin overtime and weekends. but i can't let him get too far behind. whitty's only one post late but if i don't keep on him he'll get farther behind.
  4. Whitty told me that he has a geocaching event coming up in damascus called caching on the creeper. me and whitty went last year for a meet and greet. a bunch of the people at the event will take off to ride on the creeper. me and maxx hope to go to the event but, we're not going on the ride we plan on staying around town after the meet & greet. the ride is 17 miles from white top back into damascus. whitty said we could hike that far but with whitty riding a bike it's too far for me to run. we will let you know how our day goes.