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Monday, June 29, 2009

not so hot

  1. its been awfully hot lately but the temperature dipped from upper 90's to mid 80's. since it had cooled a bit i was able to talk whitty into taking me down to the weir. it was still pretty warm so we waited till after 6:00 before going down. we stayed for about an hour and skated back and forth across the bridge.

  2. there was a bunch of new buddies out with their pet humans for me to play with today. i met about 7 or 8 other dogs while we exercised. we came across two nice boxers and a little yorkie. the boxers wanted to play but the yorkie was a little timid. after a couple of minutes the yorkie kind of got used to me but was still jumpy.

  3. just before it starts to get dark a fog rolls on top of the water. the fog comes down from the dam and makes its way along the river. it seems a little eerie at times even when the sun is still up. it really makes for some freaky looking silhouettes along the fog bank.