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Sunday, July 19, 2009

lots of dogs

  1. i tried to talk whitty into taking me to the south holston dam today. i thought he was going to but as we passed the weir he changed his mind. whitty figured that getting to the water was easier at the weir than at the dam. up there we would have to try to get down to the level of the lake for me to get a drink. where as at the river it's a lot less hassle to get to.
  2. while we were there we came upon a chuch group and they had about a dozen or more little kids. a bunch of them wanted to come over and meet me. i got quite a bit of petting which i enjoyed. it's a good thing i like kids. they all got a kick out of seeing me pulling whitty on his skates.
  3. there was one guy that had a couple of retreivers and he had a decoy launcher. he would fire the decoy over half way across the river then send one of the dogs out to retrieve it. they took turns going after it to bring it back.
  4. i got to play with the other dogs while down there. i even got to play with some little puppies, there was one that would try to jump on me and run in circles. it was hillarius we thought it was really cute the way it carried on. we really had a lot of fun today.