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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


-----me and whitty got to go to oceola island today. i've posted a picture of me and whitty on his skates. it was a little cool but we had a lot of fun and i met up with a friend named audi-mae.
she always gets excited to see me and i get a kick out of it too. we met several other dogs out walkin their pet human. some were walkin more than one human at a time. i've got to give them credit i have enough trouble walkin one at a time but he is gettin better at it. i wanted to go on some trails but whitty don't like skatin on gravel, i guess i'll have to get him to bring his bike down. he does better hikin and bikin on gravel than when he's on his skates.
-----it was nice and sunny when we got there but just before we left it started to cloud up. the temps. were in the 50's today so it felt good out runnin. whitty started out wearin a jacket but before we left he had to unbutton it so he didn't overheat. i waded in the river and probably drank a gallon of water. whitty just used rocks as steppin stones tryin to not get his feet wet. the water was pretty cold it comes from the bottom of the lake even in the middle of summer its only about 45 or 50 degrees.

Monday, February 16, 2009


we went to visit with some friends bobby & tracy. we had fun playin out in the yard today. they showed me how to use their doggie door. tracy was a little nervous when i first got there. my size might have scared her but bobby was ok we've played together before. by the time we left she was startin to warm up to me. it helped when she got up on the couch and she could see me eye to eye.
we got to play together for about an hour and half. we ran through the yard and barked at other dogs. it was a nice day to be outside but once they showed me the doggie door we stayed inside.
while we were there whitty and his uncle were planning a hike on the Appalachian Trail. they want to go from us421 to damascus. i hope they can keep up. whitty wants to go on some short hikes to limber up before we go on that one.

Welcome to my world.

  1. Hi, my name is Maxx. i was born around october 2 years ago. i live in Bristol ,TN (about 10 miles from Bristol Motor Speedway). i came to live with my new family when i was about 9 months old. i love to go on hikes, runnin with a bike, and last year i learned runnin with roller skates. i also have a pet human named Whittyman.
  2. He loves to take me places, like when we go hiking he usually takes me to Steel Creek Park which also connects to Rooster Front. there is several miles of trails to hike, there is a nice lake with a waterfall at one end. when we go roller skatin or bikin he likes to take me to the South Holston Dam. there is an island in the river below the dam named Oceola Island that has a bridge over the river and a concrete path to the far side island. sometimes we see deer while we're out skatin. since it's a park the deer ain't scared and we can get pretty close.
  3. When we're not out havin fun i have a big yard to play in, lots of toys and get spoiled by pet human Whittyman (but don't tell him that) HA!HA!HA!HA! he's even got a bucket chock full of treats for me. stay tuned for new post of our adventures. the stories will be told as i see them , but whittyman will write and post as my translater.