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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

almost dark

  1. today was awfully humid when me and whitty decided to go down to the weir and do some skating. we thought that it was going to rain earlier but it only sprinkled for a couple of minuets. it didn't even get the ground wet so after it started to clear up we drove down to oceola island.
  2. we skated across the bridge and back about five or six times. after we got done skating whitty wanted to walk around the island. whitty got his camera out of his car and we hiked around the upper half of the island. we hoped that we might see some deer but no such luck. i enjoyed it because we hadn't been through there in a while.
  3. i got to see my buddy tucker while whitty was skating. i got whitty to stop so me and tucker could play for a short time. i also got to play with some dogs i hadn't met before. there was a 4 mo. old female bull mastiff i got to play with. whitty liked the color of her coat and i did too it was brendel. she almost looked like there were tiger stripes along her sides.
  4. we stayed at the weir till it started to get dark. between it getting dark and the fog rolling in it was kind of spooky looking. we could hardly see people standing out in the river fishing. sometimes all you could see was a dark shadow out in fog bank. it really set the mood with the sunset fading in the background.