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Thursday, August 6, 2009

across town

  1. today i was able to talk whitty into taking me out for a run. we decided that we should go to across town to steel creek park. whitty skated while i ran along side. but when we go down hill whitty gets going to fast for me and i wind up working as a brake. i'll have to talk to him about that.
  2. whitty did walk me down to the lake so i could get a drink after working up a thirst. there were a lot of geese and ducks along the banks. they stayed back a few yards out in the water as we approached. i think that whitty scares them, he's not as cute as i am. HAHAHA!
  3. there is a path that leads from steel creek that runs over to the volunteer parkway called the wes davis greenway. me and whitty followed it for about a half mile or little bit more give or take. i like it better because its pretty much level but there's nowhere for me to get a drink.
  4. there is a creek that flows along the path but it's mostly over grown with weeds. whitty did find one spot to get to the creek but we had to jump on to some rocks that were slick and not real easy for me to walk on. i kind of slipped and hurt my back foot while trying to get a drink. i was able to walk it off but it might be sore for a few days.
  5. i think whitty was a bit worried that i got hurt. i did limp a few times as we made our way back to the car. by the time we got back i was walking better. he worries about me a lot when i might be hurt. i thought he was going to carry me back to the car. i told him if he did i would bite his ear. (just kidding--- but don't tell him that).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

runnin loose

  1. me and whitty finally got to go down to the weir today. we haven't had much luck lately because it's been raining almost for a solid week. it rained a little this morning but cleared up by this evening.
  2. today we did some cross training. first we skated back and forth across the weir about six or seven times. then whitty took me for walk around the island. we probably walked a little over a mile around the island.
  3. there was a lot of dog out for me to play with while we exercised. there was one dog running loose about my size. i might have had a couple of pounds on him. we didn't have any problems with him most of the time. just as we were leaving he tried to start a fight with me but whitty wouldn't have any of that.
  4. all the other dogs we met up with today were friendly and we played nice together. of course while we played whitty would stand around and chat with their humans. some people wanted to pet me especially the kids but i just wanted to play with the dogs. the kids were nice and gentle while they were petting me. i tried to run after some squirrels but i can't climb trees. i wouldn't know what to do if i caught them but it's the chase i like.