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Saturday, April 4, 2009


  1. it was really crowded today at the weir. there must have been a prom or a dance tonight. we saw a lot of people dressed up in gowns and tuxes while we were there. they also had people there to take pics of them. the weir would be a good backdrop for some pics. so me and whitty tried to stay out of there way as not to get in there pics.

  2. it was nice and sunny and a lot of dogs brought their pet human with them. i got to play with a bunch of them and made some new friends. we still didn't see that many buddies of mine that we already know. we did see a couple of them while skating across the bridge to the other side of the island. this pic is of one of my new friends roscoe he's about 4 months old. i kind of scared them a little but i was gentle. it would try to approach me while my back was turned and try to hide when i turned around.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

back to the weir

  1. today we went back to the weir to do some skating. it was getting a little cool cause we started out just about an hour before sunset. i was hoping to meet some of my buddies while we were there but no such luck. we still enjoyed ourselves anyhow. it had been awhile since we went for a workout 'cause whitty had been doing yard work. he has been mowing and he's been tilling his garden so he can get it ready for planting.

  2. the sun did poke through a few times while we worked out, but for the most part it stayed cloudy most of the time. we figured we needed to go ahead and exercise 'cause it's supposed to rain or maybe even storm the next day or two. that was why we waited so long to go today 'cause whitty wanted to get the yard mowed and the garden worked up. therefore it took me awhile to talk him into taking me to the weir. he was a little tired but i'm pretty convincing and persistent to say the least.

  3. i did see one other dog there running with it's human but it was leaving and i didn't get to play. oh well better luck next time. we usually have better luck on the weekend anyway. i'll try to talk him into going back down saturday or sunday.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

family comes to visit

  1. well me and whitty went to the weir friday. the weather started out sunny but when whitty checked the weather he discovered that a storm was moving into the area. so we went down to go skating earlier than usual. there were a few people but not many brought their dogs with them. we had a good day, though we could tell that the weather was changing. it soon started to sprinkle and whitty wanted to make one more trip. not a real good idea. it was raining by the time we got back to the car. after we got home it rained the rest of the day.

  2. saturday whitty had some of his family came over and i got to play with the kids while they were here. the kids really kept me busy playing with them. meanwhile whitty and his cousin cooked up a meal in his dutch oven. the smell was driving me crazy

  3. later on whitty's uncle came over and brought his dog maggie with him. after she showed up we got to play together. then whitty gave me a rawhide chew but every time i got distracted maggie would take the chew from me and i would have to wait on her to drop it. everybody laughed at us taking it away from each other.