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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

last tuesday

  1. it's been getting colder but we had a couple of days that warmed up a bit. so i convinced whitty into taking out for some exercise. so whitty took me to the south holston dam for some skating. we parked at the observation overlook, got our gear on, then skated up to the picnic area. we circled around and started back.
  2. we passed a group of folks that was going hiking up one of the trails that run through the mountains around the lake. as we started back someone asked if we geocache, they had recognised me and whitty from one of the geocaching events we went to. after chatting whitty realized they were there after a cache we had looked for but came up empty.
  3. whitty asked if we could join the group. some of them had a bit of a head start, so whitty took off his skates and up the trail we went. we met the group on their way back. after chatting for a while and a bit of a point in the right direction, we found our target. trees and hills can play havoc with the gps.
  4. by the time we hiked back to the picnic area whitty was a bit overheated. it was cool enough for a jacket before the hike, but after hiking up and down the hills whitty was burning up. as it was getting late in the day so we headed back to the car. on the way home we stopped at the river so i could get a drink and for us to cool down a little.