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Saturday, October 24, 2009

ups and downs

  1. it's warmed back up in the last few days. so i talked whitty into taking me for a run thursday. whitty grabbed his skates and off we went. we stopped at the weir for our run. people that wanted to fish had the same idea. the bridge over the river was crowded. we had to take our time crossing it so as not run anyone over.
  2. that blast of cold weather we had earlier this week has really brought out the fall colors. that is unless the wind blows all the leaves off the trees. you can tell fall is here the way the temps go up and down. one day the highs are in the fiftys and a few days later their in the high seventys. we'll try to enjoy all the nice weather we can. it won't be long till cold weather sets in and stays. soon the only green will be the pines and all the other leaves will be brown.
  3. we'll be going for our hikes soon. we're waiting for the snakes to den up. on warm days thay'll be out sunning themselves on the trails. we just need to wait so we don't run across them while we're out hiking. some of the places we go it would take an hour or more to get back out. don't want to get bit that far back in the woods.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

rainy and cold

  1. it's been raining for several days. well friday it finally stopped so while we had a chance me and whitty went for a walk around oceola island. it was too wet from all the rain to skate so we just went for a walk. it's really starting to turn cold. the temp friday only got into the fortys. all the leaves are going to fall before they all turn if it don't quit raining so much.
  2. whitty took his camera with him as we hiked around the island. we seen a few squirles along the way. out in the river was a crane or heron. we don't know the difference. we didn't see any deer this time although whitty was hoping to see them. it seems we only see them when we don't have the camera with us. i think they can tell somehow.
  3. while we were crosing the bridge there was a lady fishing out in the river. she happened to slip and fall in the river. we started to go help her but she was able to get up by herself. she just went back to fishing. we know the water is freezing even in the middle of summer. whitty says it would take him three days to warm up if he did that.