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Thursday, April 2, 2009

back to the weir

  1. today we went back to the weir to do some skating. it was getting a little cool cause we started out just about an hour before sunset. i was hoping to meet some of my buddies while we were there but no such luck. we still enjoyed ourselves anyhow. it had been awhile since we went for a workout 'cause whitty had been doing yard work. he has been mowing and he's been tilling his garden so he can get it ready for planting.

  2. the sun did poke through a few times while we worked out, but for the most part it stayed cloudy most of the time. we figured we needed to go ahead and exercise 'cause it's supposed to rain or maybe even storm the next day or two. that was why we waited so long to go today 'cause whitty wanted to get the yard mowed and the garden worked up. therefore it took me awhile to talk him into taking me to the weir. he was a little tired but i'm pretty convincing and persistent to say the least.

  3. i did see one other dog there running with it's human but it was leaving and i didn't get to play. oh well better luck next time. we usually have better luck on the weekend anyway. i'll try to talk him into going back down saturday or sunday.

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