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Saturday, June 6, 2009

clearing up

  1. well when we started out yesterday me and whitty thought we might get caught in a bit of rain. but we went ahead and stopped by the weir and hoped for the best. it was a little bit humid and hazy but there was a nice breeze coming up the river. we were glad to see that it was starting to clear up after we got there. the sun was out and shining just before we left.

  2. there was only 5 or 6 cars in the parking lot when we first got to the weir. so i didn't get to see any of my usual buddies while we were there. i did get to meet a couple of new friends while i ran and whitty skated. we made about 6 laps to the other side of the island and back.

  3. whitty told me that if it wasn't raining he might take me back down to the weir sunday. i hope that their are more of my buddies when we go back. just as we were leaving i did get to see one of my buddies. he's a little chiuaua, he don't know that he only weighs about 4 pounds. whitty keeps warning me that he might gnaw my ankles off. it don't bother me when he does that. i know that he's just bluffing and i let him think he's got a good hand.

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