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Monday, July 6, 2009


  1. sorry but over the holidays whitty missed one of my postings. he skipped july 1st because he said he had to get ready for a family reunion and that he had to be the photographer. i might let him off this time but he better watch it next time i'll put him in the dog house. that threat might mean more if he didn't build me such a nice dog house. ROFL. last tuesday me and whitty went to oceola island at the weir. there was only a few folks out and fewer had their dog with them. just before we left i did get to see my buddy tucker for just a minuet or two.

  2. today whitty took me back down to the weir again. there was quite a few dogs out running around with their pet humans. i went up to two small weiner dogs while we ran around and one of them took off running and yelping like i bit it's tail. i wouldn't hurt them but i don't think they knew that. every time i turned my back it would try to sneek up on me but he would take off yelping when i turned back around.
  3. we skated to the far side of the island and took a break to catch our breath. when we started back across me and whitty saw a doe standing in the middle of the trail. we took our time going back across and the deer stood there and watched us for a couple of minutes. the doe gently turned around and went back into the woods. we were able to get pretty close before it walked off.
  4. there was a bunch of little kids down at the weir playing in the water as we arrived. when they saw me a bunch of those kids wanted to come over and pet me. i guess it's a good thing i like kids. the kids were nice and gental with me so i let them pet me.
  5. just before we left to go home just who did i get to see. my buddy tucker showed up but he was getting there and we were leaving. mabey i'll get to play longer next time we see each other. oh well thats the way it goes i guess.

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