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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


-----me and whitty got to go to oceola island today. i've posted a picture of me and whitty on his skates. it was a little cool but we had a lot of fun and i met up with a friend named audi-mae.
she always gets excited to see me and i get a kick out of it too. we met several other dogs out walkin their pet human. some were walkin more than one human at a time. i've got to give them credit i have enough trouble walkin one at a time but he is gettin better at it. i wanted to go on some trails but whitty don't like skatin on gravel, i guess i'll have to get him to bring his bike down. he does better hikin and bikin on gravel than when he's on his skates.
-----it was nice and sunny when we got there but just before we left it started to cloud up. the temps. were in the 50's today so it felt good out runnin. whitty started out wearin a jacket but before we left he had to unbutton it so he didn't overheat. i waded in the river and probably drank a gallon of water. whitty just used rocks as steppin stones tryin to not get his feet wet. the water was pretty cold it comes from the bottom of the lake even in the middle of summer its only about 45 or 50 degrees.

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