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Sunday, October 16, 2011

cool weather

  1.      boy we had one heck of change in the weather in the last couple of days. fall has arrived. leaves are starting to change. cool mornings. that means one thing time for some hiking. whitty says we need for snakes to den up, its still to warm later in the day and  find snakes out laying in the sun.
  2.      it took a while but i talked whitty into taking me to the weir for a short run. whitty grabbed his skates and we took off. it was kind late when we got there but we had an hour or so before dark. that gave us enough time for a couple quick laps.
  3.      seems few people were out that evening and no buddies for me to play with. must have been the cold brease late in the day. mabey if i had talked whitty into comming down sooner. i might have seen a few buddies i haven't seen in a while. well------- mabey next time.........

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