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Thursday, February 26, 2009

goin for a run

  1. well it finally warmed up yesterday and whitty took me for a run at oceola island again. i tried to get him to go to steel creek park but he took me to the river instead. i still had fun gettin out and i got to meet some new friends. there were just a few dogs out walkin their pet human. i wish he would go all the way around the island but he just wants to go on the concrete path when he's using his skates. whitty says that the gravel is too hard to skate in so i'll have to wait till he gets out his bike or goes for a hike.
  2. i'm tryin to talk him into goin out again today. today looks better than yesterday, the sun is out and warming up nicely. the dog whisperer just came on me and whitty really like to watch the show. i like to kind of nudge up beside whitty while the show is on. well got to go will post more later.

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