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Monday, March 9, 2009

great run

  1. boy, it was crowded yesterday at the weir. we could hardly get by in some places. i didn't see any of my friends while we were there, but i did get to meet a lot of new guys while out runnin. it was really nice out and there was people walkin, runnin and some were bar-b-queing, and it smelled great. i got to meet some really cool friends while we were out, except for this one little dachshund. he thought he was bigger than he really was, i just looked at him like he was crazy.
  2. i did have fun, but whitty wanted to stop and talk all the time. i had a hard time keeping his attention on running. then again i wanted to stop and play with the other dogs so i can't blame him too much. we're only human after all. hahaha! we did get to run for about an hour and a half though. it pretty much wore us both out but it was great just to be out on such a nice day.

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