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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

fun run

  1. we went back to oceola island today for a run. it was a little overcast but fairly warm to start with. by the time we left the wind started to pick up a bit. me and whitty stayed warm cause we were skating and kept burning energy while we were there.
  2. we saw audi-mae when we first got down there but she was going down the trail while me and whitty stayed on the concrete path. but we were able to catch up with them on the far side of the island. audi-mae got real excited when she saw me. she rared up on her hind legs and came bounding toward me up on her back legs. she was jumping like a kangaroo.
  3. it took me a while to talk whitty into goin down to the river. he said was kind of tired but i had him check the weather and it looked like it would be a few days of rain. so i kept after him and finally talked him into taking me for a run. i got him wraped around my paw. HAHAHA!

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