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Sunday, March 22, 2009


  1. today i saw whitty getting ready but he didn't put on his skating shoes. i was like what the ?????? then he got my leash and i thought alright! i really started getting excited, but he forgot my harness. that kind of confused me. we went out and i thought we were getting in the car. then we walked past it which confused me more. all of a sudden he got out his bike. we were going for a bike ride! yahoo!!! it's been over a year since we did that.
  2. we went down the driveway and started to the weir. i tried to get in front of the bike but whitty says we were too close together. he wanted me to run beside him not in front. it had been a long time and i had a hard time getting used to that again. it took us a while to get back in rhythm with each other. i almost wrecked him a couple of times' but we finally were able to get together. we rode all the way to the weir' stopping once or twice along the way.
  3. it was more crowded than we thought it would be especially since it was race day. that made it rough to pass in some places. since we were biking we rode all the way around the island. we don't get to do that on his skates. they don't go to well in gravel but he don't have that problem on his bike. i hadn't been all the way around the island in a while, it was nice go see some new scenery.
  4. it's a mile and half all the way round and whitty had to stop for a bathroom break. whitty left me to watch his bike while he was in there but the bike fell over. then audi-mae came by and said hello and play with me. while we were playing audi-mae's pet humans picked up whitty's bike. he appreciated them taking care of me till he came back out. we stood there for a while audi-mae and i played together.
  5. afterward me and whitty rode around the island one more time. i got to meet some more friends. there was one dalmatian that wasn't too friendly. we passed audi-mae a couple of more times but we were moving too fast to stop and play. before we left we sat at a bench to rest for a little bit before heading home. all in all i think we rode five or six miles. it seemed to wear us both out pretty good.

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