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Sunday, April 12, 2009


  1. it's easter and two days in a row we have gone to the weir. i wasn't able to talk whitty into going somewhere different. it was a little crowded and i got to meet some new buddies while we were there. whitty just stood there and talked while i played and to keep whitty on his toes i would jump and pull in different directions. that'll teach him not to pay attention to me. HAHAHA!
  2. it really warmed up since yesterday and the wind settled down. it did start to get cool when the sun wasn't as high in the sky. by then we had been there about an hour and a half. we crossed the bridge to the island and back about 6 or 7 times. me and whitty were pretty tired by the time we left. but it's all good anyway.
  3. a lot of pepole were having a picnic today and you could smell the grills goin for a good distance. i didn't pay much attention to that i was there to see meet buddies. a lot of dogs brought their pet human with them and walk around the island. i tried to get whitty to go around the island but he wanted to stay on the concrete as usual.


  1. excellent photos from TN i guess, i like your blog, i will keep on track.


    Louis Conrad from Mty.

  2. Maxx, you are one adorable pup. I hope with the warmer weather approaching, you'll have lots of wonderful adventures.

  3. Hey Maxx this is your cousins from the other side of town.Looks like Uncle Dale sure like to take you out and about.Daddy takes us out to walk everyday.Sometime twice a day!! Mom never goes she is to lazy.Shw went with us to Steeles Creek last week and was having a hard time keeping up with us.We got busted by the cops for them not having our leashes in there hands.Like we can help that.Come over sometime and maybe we can get then to take us walking.Dad will Mom is to lazy.
    Bobby and Tracy


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