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Saturday, April 11, 2009

cool brease

  1. me and whitty took another run at the weir today. it was sill cool so there wasn't too many folks down there. i did see a few dogs but some people wouldn't let them come over to play with me. there was a couple that did let me get close enough to play. some people see me and think i might get in a fight with their dog, but all i want to do is play.

  2. we go to the weir quite a bit so i need to talk whitty into going somewhere else. maybe i should try to convince him to go back to the top of the dam or go back to steele creek. we only went to steele creek once so i would like to go back there again if i can talk him into it. i'm getting bored with the weir unless whitty rides his bike down there. then we get to go all the way around the island and get to see more than just the concrete path.

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