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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


  1. there was a cold wind blowing today. the temperature wasn't that cold but when out in the wind it sure felt like it. whitty wished he had brought his jacket but after a few times across the bridge and back we started to warm up. we stayed a little over an hour at the weir.

  2. although there wasn't very many people at the weir i did get to play with several other dogs. we could tell when we first got there that their was not too many cars in the parking lot to start with. a few showed up others after we did. a few brought a dog or two with them.

  3. the siren went off that warns about the river starting to generate. we were close to it and it makes my ears hurt. whitty says that's the only time i howl but he would howl too if he had as good of hearing as i do. i don't really have to be that close when it goes off. it blows twice before the water starts to rise and the first one last about twice as long as the second. they are about 10 minuets apart. it takes about 20 minuets till the water comes from the dam and starts to over flow the weir.

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