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Friday, May 8, 2009

whitty's birthday

  1. well today was whitty's birthday and he decided we should go skating at the weir. it's been a few days since we went out because it's been raining and storming. so while we had a break in the weather he figured we had better go while we had a chance. good thing we did there was some bad storms roll through this evening. possibly a tornado touched down in the next county or two away.
  2. we saw some canadian geese while we were skating. a couple of them had a few small goslings. i wouldn't let whitty my pet human get too close. i didn't know how they would react. they might come toward us lower their head and hiss at me and whitty. plus i didn't want to scare the little ones. the little ones were cute as they strolled around with the parents right behind them watching over them.
  3. the river was already generating when we got down to the weir about 3 o'clock. whitty didn't think they would start that till about 5 o'clock but since it's been raining almost every day the lake is full. they might need to drop the water level down just a bit. last year we didn't get enough rain and this year just the opposite. whitty can't even get in his garden it's been so wet lately.

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