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Saturday, June 27, 2009

any festival 09

  1. whitty took me over to the any festival again this year. this is the second time we've gone over to the festival. it was an all weekend (concert, camping, and party) all in one. some people just came in for the day some camped all weekend. me and whitty were there for friday and saturday. we didn't stay over night we just came over and stayed awhile with friends that were camping out.

  2. it was really too hot out in the sun when it was high overhead. it felt a lot better later in the evening. we had a few storms roll through over night and lots of lightning. it stayed humid all weekend with temps in the upper 90's. the camp ground we were at was just across a creek from the bristol motor speedway.i'd say we were a couple hundred feet from the track it's self. they were having drag racing over there this weekend.

  3. i got to meet some new friends while at the festival. i probably made friends with half a dozen or so this weekend. we all played nice together and having fun running around the camp site.

  4. me and whitty walked up to where they was having the bands play both days. the speakers were jammin' very loud. we couldn't stand to close to the stage while they played. about all the music was like punk or heavy metal. neither me or whitty could understand what they sang. we like classic rock, country, or bluegrass personally.

  5. me and whitty mostly went over there for the camping beside the creek than for the concert. we were having a good time till we walked back to whitty's car and saw that someone had backed into the drivers side door on his car.
  6. whitty started to flip when he seen it. he started asking around if anyone saw it happen. luckily the person responsible came back and whitty got all their info so he can get it fixed. whitty was kind of bummed after that and was about ready to go home.

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