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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


  1. it was hot and humid outside and i told whitty we better go before it starts to rain. well i was able to talk whitty into going down to the weir today. after we were there for about half an hour fog started rolling down the river. i made whitty go back to the car and get his camera.
  2. it was pretty hot so we only stayed for an hour or so. me and whitty were panting after our workout. whitty said he could get a couple gallon just out of his shirt. of course i just go and wade out in the river but that only works for a little while.
  3. we saw some geese out in the river and the young were just getting their adult plummage. whenever we came across the island they all would swim out in river. they don't know that i don't want anything to do with them anyhow. sometimes the adults hiss at me and i don't like when they do that. they didn't swim to far and we got to watch them pretty close up.
  4. we were right about the rain. after we got back it stormed, we had lightning and the rain was coming in sheets. neither me or whitty wouldn't want to be out in all that. the thunder makes me nervous so whitty came over and sat beside me to make me feel better.

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