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Friday, June 12, 2009


  1. well whitty had to changed the wheels on his skates. he had all-terrain wheels on it and switched them out for urethane wheels. the urethane wheels are better for paved and concrete surfaces and roll a lot easier. the all-terrain do better when whitty has to go off the path onto dirt or grass. whitty did seem to have a little trouble getting used to the different set of wheels, but he adjusted pretty quick. whitty says it got a little slick when we hit some wet concrete but got good traction on dry surfaces. the skates roll a lot easier and i didn't have to pull him as hard or as much. he was actually rolling faster than me on the downhill run.

  2. we went to the weir again today. we met a couple new buddies, one was a boxer he's about my size. the other was a little female that i got to meet. at one point we stopped and watched a couple of squirels chasing each other around a tree trunk. we watched them play while we took a break. it was funny seeing them make laps around and around the tree. every now and then they would stop and chatter at each other.

  3. the large picture is of some storm clouds that came through yesterday. the storm left some leaves, gravel and twigs scattered all over the path we were on today. whitty had to watch he didn't hit any with his wheels. the smaller picture is of the two ways whittys skates can be configured. the small wheels are better for a smooth path and the larger ones are for all-terrain. whitty says i wore out the big ones but i told him i don't wear the skates. he told me that it's from me slinging him around corners. when i cut a corner short it works like a slingshot. i've had him sliding sideways trying to make a corner. HAHAHA!!!! now thats funny.

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