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Sunday, August 9, 2009

hot and muggy

  1. it was hot today and i made the mistake of talking whitty into taking me down to the weir. fog was rising up off the river by the time we got down there. that made the humidity really high and really muggy. whitty's glasses kept fogging up and he had to keep wiping them so he could see.

  2. me and whitty spent most of the day inside so we didn't think it was that humid out. it turned out to be a lot different than we thought. we toughed it out and went ahead and did our skating. we still had a good time as usual.
  3. there were a bunch of dogs at the weir today but most people wouldn't let me play with their dogs. although i did get to play with one dog while whitty stopped and chatted for a while. the dog was a little jumpy but friendly.
  4. whitty stopped on the bridge and chatted with one guy while he was fishing. he landed a few small trout but they weren't big enough to be keepers. he tossed them back and tried again. small fish kept stealing his bait off his hook. we moved on after a while but passed by him several more times as we were skating. we stayed till it started to get dark then we headed back home.

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