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Monday, September 14, 2009

back at the weir

  1. it's starting to get darker earlier in the evening and cooler at night. so we haven't staying as late as we were. me and whitty don't get as wore out like we do when it's really hot out. soon it'll be time for us to go hiking.

  2. we wait till the snakes den up before we do that though. i might talk whitty into going on the appalachian trail this fall. till then we'll probably go to steel creek park. we've been on all the trails over there. whitty's uncle usually goes with us on our hikes. the hard part is going from lake level to the top of the ridges. once on top it's too bad but there are a few places with some hills.

  3. today we went back to the weir again. i got to see some of my buddies while whitty was skating. i always have fun seeing my buddies and making new friends. i made friends with a german shepard today. she was a little bigger than me but she was a little shy. she was only a year and half old. i also met a couple little dogs proably six or seven pounders. i think i made them nervous.

  4. it started to get dark about 7:30 and we could feel the air starting to get cooler. we figured we might as well head back home. we made one last trip across the bridge and back. then we loaded back into the car and headed home as it was getting dark.

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