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Friday, September 11, 2009


  1. me and whitty stopped by the weir yesterday and saw a group of school kids running around the island. they looked like they were training for track. we were about to take a curve quite quickly and allmost wiped out a couple of runners in the process. as we started to make the turn two runners came out of the woods from the left. with me running whitty has to swing wide on his skates to make the turn. whitty saw them and cut through the grass to slow down.
  2. the kids thought they had cut us off but the woods blocked the veiw. no one had good line of sight. so no blood no fowl. as soon as they went by we made the turn just fine. they ask if we were o.k. but nothing happened. we were all right.
  3. the sun was out when we arrived at the weir but soon after it started to cloud up. it kind of looked like rain clouds. it had cooled off from the day before. me and whitty decided to go ahead skate any way. as we left it did start to sprinkle a bit. shortly after we got home it had quit. there wasn't enough rain to even get the ground wet.

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