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Sunday, September 6, 2009

atop the dam

  1. me and whitty went to the south holston dam for a run. we went up around by the picnic area then across the dam and circled by the picnic area again. nobody had their dogs out while we were there. several people did stop us to comment on us skating.
  2. one police officer was there, he stopped and said he didn't think he was coordinated enough to try what we were doing. whitty says you have to be a little crazy to even try it. the police officer just smiled and laughed.
  3. a lot of people were out on the lake this weekend. we even seen a boat near the dam with flags signaling divers in the area. we didn't see anyone diving but we were just going by. we didn't stop to watch. we saw some people on floats behind some of the boats. the water seemed a little choppy from where we were.
  4. we left the dam and whitty stopped by the weir to let me get a drink from the river. we did a couple quick passes to the island and back since we stopped any way. whitty took me by the river one last time for a drink. we decided we had enough and headed back home.

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