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Friday, October 30, 2009

bunch o buds

  1. it wasn't very crowded yesterday when me and whitty arrived at the weir. although people did start to show up later while whitty was skating with me running ahead of him. there were only one of two dogs out when we showed up but by the time we left there were fifteen or twenty dogs out. audi-may came by and we got to play together. she's always happy to see me and whitty.
  2. we saw a couple of people that rescued snousers. they were walking three of them. two they were trying to get adopted. they wanted to socialize them to make them a little better with people and other dogs. one kept barking at me but it didn't bother me. we got to see a sheltie too that came by the weir. she was a bit shy. whitty said he had a couple shelties before i came to live with him. there hyper little dogs. it comes from being sheep dogs. they can run all day.
  3. we stayed till almost dark. it's starting to get dark alot earlier now. were going to have to start coming down sooner in the day so we have time to workout. the leaves are in full color now but they are falling quick. we've had a few days of warm weather so me and whitty wanted to enjoy them while they last. as we left we stopped by the canoe launch just as the sun was going down. it's not far from oceola island. there's a path from the island down stream to it.

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