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Monday, November 9, 2009

time change

  1. me and whitty sure don't like the time going back. it gets dark way too early. we need to get started alot sooner if we want to get our run in. it's almost dark by 6:00 now. the temperture really drops as the sun starts to set. it was a nice day yesterday so me and whitty went down to the weir. by about 5:30 you could tell a big drop in temperture.
  2. there were quite a few folks out trying to enjoy the last few warm weather. i got to play with some of the dogs that brought their pet humans out to enjoy the nice day. a buch of people were fishing. about 6 or 8 were wading in the river fly fishing. 4 or 5 were fishing off the bridge that we passed by as we were skating back and forth.
  3. whitty says that i stop at every tree we pass. he wants to keep going and not stop so much. i don't say anything when he's on the computer and checks his e-mail. it's kind of the same thing. i told him that i'm just stopping to check my p-mail. he laughed when i told him that. he thinks it's funny but at least i don't get junk p-mail. hahaha!!!!

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