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Friday, October 2, 2009

cool weather

  1. it's really cooled off in the last week. the leaves should turn soon we hope. it was a really nice day out so me and whitty decided to get out and go to the weir. there were a few clouds out but mostly sunny. whitty got his skates out and we skated across to the other side of osceola island and back four or five times.
  2. after we did that whitty took me for a walk around the island. this time we went all the way around. the full mile and half of the trail. it was a good workout we had today. the skating and the hike tired us both out. the trail is mostly level so it wasn't too bad of a walk.
  3. i got to see some buddies i hadn't seen in a while and got to meet some new ones. whitty got to chat with a few people. one guy told us about geo caching. it's a game you play using a gps. where people hide items then others try to find them. sounds pretty cool. the guy said there were items all over osceola island. when we got back whitty went to the web site and found more than a dozen between our house and the south holston dam. one is within walking distance.
  4. we'll let ya'll know how the geo caching turns out. whitty says there's a bunch at steel creek park. sounds like a good adventure is coming up as fall comes in.

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