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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

down fall

  1. we had a really nice day out today. i was able to talk whitty into taking me down to the weir for a run. whitty got his skates out and we made about six trips across the river and back. i got to play with a couple of dogs while witty chatted with their pet humans. not very many dogs out today for me to play with though.
  2. we were doing pretty good untill whitty took a bit of a spill on the sidewalk. he fell as we made our way through a corner at the kiosk near the overlook. he landed on his chest and smacked his chin on the concrete. we were going too fast for him to stop. he laid on the walk for a couple of minutes and shook his head to clear the cobwebs. he took a pretty good shot to the chin and it addled him. he said that it did hurt a little bit. i bet he'll be sore tomorrow.
  3. a lady whitty had been talking to a short time earlier saw him hit the ground. i think she was ready to call 911 and give them the 411. she was sitting in her car waiting on a friend that was hiking around the island. she offered to get help if whitty was hurt.whitty said that he hurt his pride more than anything. she had to use a cane to walk with but said that she could go get someone.
  4. whitty said that he was ok but had a bit of a headache. he thanked her for offering to get help. whitty said no blood no foul. although he kept checking to see if he had skent the hide off his chin. the ribs on his right side took a beating when he fell. i don't think he broke anything but he might have some bruises later.

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