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Monday, October 12, 2009

fall cometh

  1. whitty took me back to the weir for a run. this is the first time we been back down here since whitty fell on the sidewalk. he did get sore for a couple of days. mostly his shoulder took the brunt of the soreness. he said it wouldn't stop him.
  2. fall is really starting to set in around here. acorns were falling all around us as we skated. the path was covered in places with acorns. the leaves are starting to turn and in a week or two it'll really be in full color. there were alot squirels around today picking up the nuts to store for winter. the paths were covered in spots where the nuts had fallen. most of them on the walkway were crushed as people walked around.
  3. whitty wants to go through the mountains. he might take me on the appalachian trail. whitty and his uncle been wanting to go from where it crosses to damascus. it's a long walk but mostly downhill. we'll probly wait till the snakes start to den up. we don't want to mess with any snakes. most aren't poisonous but we rather not take the risk if we can avoid it.
  4. it's been pretty cool out of the morning but warms up into the seventys during the day. it hasn't frosted yet but it wont be long now. we're thinking about going for a hike at steele creek park later this week. we'll be going around the lake and mabey we'll go on some of the trails while there. they have a few miles of trails up on the hills surrounding the lake. we wont go on all of them but were planning on a few short trails to loosen us up for the longer hikes as it gets cooler.

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