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Friday, October 9, 2009


  1. whitty took me to the top of south holston dam today. he was on one of his scavenger hunts called geo-caching. there was a couple over the dam he hadn't gone looking for yet. he thought i would enjoy going with him.
  2. first we did some skating . we started at the observation deck up around the picnic area down and across the dam and back to the car. we just made one trip around today. while we were skating a police officer saw us and said that what we were doing was the trick. whitty catted with him as we were making our rounds. we passed him several times as while we were there. whitty commented that they should train the police dogs to do what we do. he said thier patroles would take half the time.
  3. then we walked up to the pinic area. that's where the caches were located. the first one was just a few feet into the tree line. it was hidden in a good spot that wasn't too hard to find but covered by leaves. that made it hard to spot but we had good clues to find it.
  4. the second cache was up a trail on top of a hill. whitty wished he had his hiking sticks with him. i have four paw drive so i wound up pulling him up the hill. whitty really liked me helping him go up hill but didn't care that much for it on the way back down. he has to use his brakes twice as much. it took about twenty minutes to get to the top of the hill where the cache was hidden. it only took ten to make it back down.
  5. both of us were pretty wore out when we got back from the scavenger hunt. we made our way back to the car. then we stopped by the river on the way home so i could get a drink from the river. we stayed for a while and walked over the bridge to the othe side of the island and back before heading home.

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