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Friday, November 27, 2009

gettin cold

  1. cold weather has really set in lately. almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees.  just about the only green left is on pine trees and the grass. there was a good breaze blowing that made it feel even cooler. all the canadian geese have flown south. there are some small black and white ducks that just show up in the winter months. they are called buffleheads that dive below the water looking for food.
  2. when me and whitty got to the weir we started out skating. after several passes along the concrete path whitty took off his skates and took me all the way around the island. as we made our way around the path we saw about five or six deer cross the path. this time whitty was lucky enough to have his camera with him. he got one good picture of a deer but most were in the under brush. we could see them but due to the shadows and the brush most of the pics were dark or blurry. a couple of them were young that was born earlier in the year. we were able to get within a few yards of them but the light wasn't good for photos.
  3. not many people out today mostly people fishing. a few dogs talked their pet humans into bringing them to the weir for a walk. i got to play with a dog or three as we made our way around the island. i was hoping more dogs had showed up but as the weather gets colder fewer of them come out and stay inside.

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