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Monday, November 16, 2009

bays mtn.

  1. whitty took me on another one of his adventures yesterday. we went to bays mountain in kingsport for some geocaching. we had a great time hiking around the lake. there are almost 40 miles of trails for hiking or bike riding. they have a nice nature center with a planeterium inside. several animal habitats are located in the park. i wasn't allowed to visit them so me and whitty kept to the trails.
  2. right below the dam is a waterfall that runs down the side of the dam and under the road. on the other side of the road there is another waterfall with a wooden bridge beolw it. the stream continues down through the valley and over rocks and boulders. whitty could take a thousand pictures or more if we kept folowing the stream but i didn't want to pull him up the hill that far. i talked him out of going too far.
  3. as we hiked around the lake we saw where beavers had chewed on several stumps and felled many trees in the area. although we didn't see any beavers it was obvious they were there. they say there are lots of wildlife in the area but other than squirrels we didn't see any. not including the ones in the habitats. it includes deer, otters, wolves, raccoons, bobcats, and several birds.
  4. it was feeding day for the wolves. they brought in a deer that had been hit along the interstate. whitty didn't stay for that he says he's seen it before on nature shows. many people crowded around the enclosure to watch.
  5. i hope whitty brings me back soon on some more hikes. we were only on a couple of trails. there are many more trails to explore. whitty says we might go back next month.

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