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Sunday, October 31, 2010

long hot summer

  1. whew----- it's been one hot summer we have had this year. we had double our usual number of days over 90 degrees. neither me or whitty enjoy getting out side when it gets that hot. plus whitty was out in the garden a lot this year. so all in all we didn't get out as much as we like, but we did get out a few times this summer. i let whitty slide a little on posting on my blog. i had to give him that look to get him to update. so here's a summery.
  2. i talked whitty into taking me down to the weir twice this year. whitty took his skates both times. once while we when we someone had set up a portable hot dog stand. there were a lot of people around that day. someone might have brought it for a party or just showed up to sell a few hot dogs. who knows?????? it got a little crowded esp. when we tried to cross the bridge. so we made a couple laps across the island and back. then i took whitty down to the rivers edge. i waded along the river bank while whitty stepped from one stone to another.
  3. we went back to the any festival again this year. its held in a field across from the Bristol motor speedway. a stage had been set up in one area and had bands playing all weekend. a bunch of whitty's friends had a campsite set up down the hill next to a creek lined with trees. it offered a bit of shade for us. it was in the mid 90s that day and was still muggy after the sun set.
  4. a few dogs came out and i talked whitty into taking me over to play with them. i made a couple new friends. little did i know they were with someone that had set up a booth for spay and neuter. they gave me a bandanna to wear. when whitty told me what that was i took my bandanna tucked my tail and told whitty i was ready to go. i didn't want no part of that!!!!!
  5. then on sept. 4th whitty wanted to go to damascus, va. it seems they were having a geocaching event whitty wanted to attend. sort of a meet and greet and afterward some hiked the appalachian trail and some took a shuttle to whitetop and biked back a few had top get back to what they were doing that day. whitty mingled with some of the people that had showed up for the event. i met some dogs that were into geocaching, they carried some dog tags called travel bugs that could logged on the computer.
  6. later on the event broke me and whitty went back to his car and grabbed his skates. whitty skated while i pulled him through town. some tree roots had craked the sidewalk in places,so whitty had to watch he not trip on them. it was a really nice day so we took our time. we stopped at a yard sale and whitty chatted with people while i talked to a couple of huskies in their yard through a fence. as we made our way back to the car someone stopped us to ask us how we got started skating the way we do. her dogs might be able to talk her into trying it.
  7. the 1st or 2nd weekend this month whitty took me over to his uncle's house. i got to see bobby and tracy again. we played for a few minutes till whitty's uncle got ready to go. whitty's uncle lives near steel creek park. me, whitty, and his uncle all loaded up and drove over to the park. bobby and tracy was going to go with us, but we usually take pretty long walks. they talked themselves out of going, 'cause their short legs can't go that far.
  8. we started up a short hill to a spot where there is small cave. we had all been on all the trails there, but this was a short one that led to an upper parking lot. usually we turn before we get to it and go up to the longer hiking trails. we didn't even know it was there till whitty saw a geocache for that spot. leaving from there the three of us made our way back down to the lake.
  9. at the bottom of the hill me, whitty, and his uncle stayed on the trail that winds around the lake. it's a nice level walk till you get to the dam. where the trail drops down a short distance about 50 feet down to the bottom of the dam to a creek that flows over to rooster front park. although we decided not to go that quite that far. the three of us might have walked about a mile and half out before turning around and heading out. all in all it was about a 4 mile hike. give or take a little.
  10. that pretty sums up our summer. hopefully with cooler weather we can have more chances to get out for more adventures. i'll have to stay on whitty's case and make sure he post our trips as we have them and not go so long between post. i went easy on him this summer because it was so hot and he was putting in some overtime where he works. still i got to keep an eye on him make sure he does it.

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