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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

veterans day 2010

  1. fall sure has come and gone quick this year. it went from being in the 90's a few weeks ago to trying to snow this past weekend. there was two or three weeks that i would go out and lay on the porch to enjoy the cooler weather while i soak up some rays. the time just changed back and really getting dark earlier. it makes it hard to get out when it starts getting dark around 5:30 or 6:00.
  2. there was a veterans day parade down on state street and whitty had the weekend off. i was able to talk him into taking me to it. it was sunny when we arrived but the temps stayed in the thirties. the shops lining state street didn't give the sun much of a chance to get down to street level.
  3.  we met up with some of whitty's family and some friends. this is sandy and hannah, i like hannah she comes over to our house and we play together. they didn't stay long they had to leave early. me and whitty stayed and watched the end of the parade. i liked the marching bands, but some people went by us on big motorcycles with loud pipes. they would rev the motors and the way the sound echoed off the buildings it hurt my ears and i got a little nervous. after they went on down the street i relaxed and enjoyed the rest of it.
  4. after the parade had finished i led whitty over to the war memorial. many veterans had gathered there for a short ceremony. we hung around for a little while. whitty took some pictures. finally the cold started to get to us and decided to head back to the car.

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