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Monday, July 18, 2011

a bit late

  1. well whitty's behind on our postings again, but i can't put all the blame on him this time. i've had him redesigning our blog. we got some new design options so we had to sort and try new elements, some worked some not so good. lots of back and forth. we hope you like the changes. as we go other changes may take place from time to time. sorry for the long absence of postings.
  2. whitty has missed two updates to my blog. first we tried to get whitty to Danascus for a meet greet and ride on the creeper trail. we were not aware the whole town had a yard sale that day. aside from whitty being 10 min behind schedual, the traffic was backed up and almost no parking put us near the spot about 20-30 min late. then whitty forgot his printout and we missed the group get together.
  3. we weren't going for the ride anyway but missed the event. whitty said it was to far for me to run. i might try to talk whitty into getting me a trailer for a bike so i can ride. just don't tell whitty........ WHOOOOPS!!!!      so we grabbed whitty's skates and looked for some local caches in town. we found a few that day. we had to go just outside the city limits for a earthcache. the creeper trail is just the on the other side of the road from it's location. and a short distance where the App. trail crosses through. lots of hikers were comming into town for supplys. every once in a while i let whitty stop and then i'd let whitty talk with them for a minute while i took a breather.
  4. i got too see other dogs out walking their pet humans that day. i made some new freinds and i had lots of fun playing with them. we enjoyed going to Damascus, even though the town was a little crowded.  we skated through town a few times before calling it a day and heading home.
  5. a few weeks later whitty came home from work on a thursday. i was telling him that i hadn't been out in a whlile, hadn't seen my buddies in a long time, and i needed to check my p-mail. (tryin to make him feel sorry for me). well it worked and whitty took me to the weir. we pulled in the parking lot and whitty got his stuff ready to skate. not long after we got started it began to drizzle. me and whitty agreed we would run a couple of quick laps before the rain got too bad. as we made our was across the bridge we saw audi-mae and her two pet humans coming out of the trail onto the bridge. me & audi-mae wanted to play but we were all in a hurry to beat the weather.
  6. we made it a short trip. although whitty wanted to stop and talkwith folks we passed by. once in a while i let whitty stop and visit. he did meet a guy down there that just so happened to be vice principal at whittys high school while he was there. after a couple laps and getting a little damp we packed it in for the day.
  7. tomorrow i'll try to have whitty post about our trip this past saturday. this posting got us up to date except this past weekend.

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