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Saturday, May 14, 2011

first run of 2011

  1. I finally talked whitty into taking me for a run down at the weir. i think it was on 4-15-11. whitty had got home from work that friday at a bout 4:00. the weather was nice so me and whitty jumped in the car and drove down to the river. it was sunny and warm and we thought that maxx might get to see some of his buddies he haven't seen since last year. when we arrived the parking lot was pretty close to empty. just a few people were out today and we seen no buddies for maxx to play with.
  2. we made the best of it we could. whitty got out his skates and we made a few laps across the bridge to the far side of the island and back. after a couple laps me and whitty took a break and walked down to the river. maxx got a drink while whitty took a short break. a lap or two later we were through exercising and loaded back up and headed home.
  3. sorry, but it's taken me this long to get whitty to update my blog. then i got him started and we had some storms come through the area. a bunch twisters hit near and around bristol ,tn. we were fine but it knocked out the computers in our house.  i've bee nipping at his heels ever since to get him to post on  my blog. i'll give him a little break 'cause he's been workin overtime and weekends. but i can't let him get too far behind. whitty's only one post late but if i don't keep on him he'll get farther behind.
  4. Whitty told me that he has a geocaching event coming up in damascus called caching on the creeper. me and whitty went last year for a meet and greet. a bunch of the people at the event will take off to ride on the creeper. me and maxx hope to go to the event but, we're not going on the ride we plan on staying around town after the meet & greet. the ride is 17 miles from white top back into damascus. whitty said we could hike that far but with whitty riding a bike it's too far for me to run. we will let you know how our day goes.

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