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Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas day run

  1. we now have video up now. it took whitty a while to figure it out. i had to keep on him to get it on here. the video was easy to do but gettin it from there to here took some time. so the video is from back in the summer. whitty would have bundled up more. a lot colder temps now. next we need to get some sound track set to it. any suggestions?
  2. so speeking on our christmas day run. me and my pet human whitty would like to wish everyone a merry christmas. we hope santa got around to everyone this year. how many got coal this year? we know at least one that needs coal, but that part comes up later in our story. happy holidays and our best wishes to all.
  3. well it was christmas day and we did what everybody does. eat too much then try to sleep it off. i wanted more than that. so i kept putting (as whitty says) my "cold wet nose" up under his arm and nudging him in the ribs til i got what i wanted. to go for a run. it did take several attempts but i got him wrapped around my paw. i knew i would win eventually.
  4. it did take time to convince whitty to go and was getting close to sun down. with what time we had we just went down by the river at the weir near our home. we got down there and started getting ready and whitty figured out he had the wrong shoes for his skates so we had to go all the way back home, get the right shoes, turn around, and head back for try # 2. ok now we got what we needed. we hope.
  5. we get out whitty gets his skates on and away we go. first thing i need to do is have whitty let me check my p-mail. HAHA. after a bit of skating we walked down to the river for a drink. i think the water was warmer than the air but, it was still very cold. we made a couple more laps and i got to meet some other dogs along the way. but as we got done skating whitty wanted to walk the trail on the island a bit.
  6. we started our walk and a dog i had met earlier came back around. it looked like a white shepard type of dog. and he wanted to start a fight. his pet humans didn't have the leash on him. he started nipping me on my back and pulling some fur. whitty tried stop him and he turned and nipped whitty right below the knee (lump of coal for him). no blood but whitty got some good tooth marks on his leg. being christmas day whitty just let it go, besides he should know not to get between two dogs. we'll stay away from him from now on. we did a short walk but the sun started to set so we loaded up and headed home.

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