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Monday, June 3, 2013


  1. well its been a while since I had whitty update my blog. so I figured it was time to catchup  on my postings. I let whitty get by without keeping up the blog because his mom got sick and he had to care for her.
  2. we did have a few trips to the weir last year. once in April while the weather was cool, once in June as the weather warmed up, once in July and boy was it hot (so we made that a quick run), once in September as it started to cool off. I did see a few of my buddies down there. I didn't get to play much, cause we weren't staying too long. it was still good to see my buddies even though we were in a hurry.
  3. this March I talked whitty into going geocaching. there was a group going for a hike down at the South Holston Dam. I met a few new buddies that brought there pet humans out for a hike. there was about four other dogs there for me to make friends with and play around. several people showed up (about 10 or 15 pet humans) for whitty to make friends with. whitty was able to pick up about 8 or 9 caches as we hiked along the trails.  we must have hiked around 7 or 8 miles all the way out to the spillway. plus a few side trails along the path. whitty told me he was glad I came along so I could help pull him up a few of the hills that were a little bit of a climb. good thing I got 4 paw traction. we both sure were plenty tired when we made it back to the car.
  4. this little teepee someone put up was one of the sights we passed by along the trails we were on. the lake was down and we got to walk out to one of the islands. during the summer the lake is up and would have had to used a boat or swim to get to. on the way to the island we had to go down a steep hill and whitty wound up falling backward and slid halfway down on his backside. he was alright just slid and got dirt skid marks all over his back pockets. I didn't slide cause my 4 paw traction kept me from sliding. I thought whitty was going to pass me and get to the bottom first. he did get a few laughs out of the folks that went with us when whitty jumped right back up through his arms out and said TAAA-DAAA.......
  5. well........ that's all I've got to catchup on for now. now if I can keep whitty on task and not get behind on posting our adventures.

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