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Friday, November 29, 2013

broken tail bone

     well I finally talked my pet human Whitty into taking me out again. it's been quite awhile since we went anywhere. last time we went Whitty drove us down to the south Holston dam. he had some family already there when we showed up. we had just arrived when they all decided to go to the weir below the dam. it wasn't far so we loaded back up and drove down there.
      whitty got out his skates and we made a couple trips back and forth on the path. that's where the broken tail bone happened. we were skating along when I saw a couple new buddies I wanted to meet. so I cut across the trail to greet them. well I stopped but Whitty was still going pretty fast and couldn't stop in time. that's when he got tied up in my leash and fell and wasn't able to catch himself and landed in a bad way. he said it broke his tail bone and tried to blame me. I told him I know what that feels like. like when he's up in the middle of the night and without turning on the light goes walking through the house and steps on my tail.
     I have to admit he was laid up for several months afterward. he was really hurting whenever he moved around. I wasn't able to talk him into going out for the rest of the summer. I tried many times but was unable to convince him to go. I tried using the old cold wet nose to the bare ribs. I tried the nudging him. I even tried the sit and stare with the occasional whimper thrown in for good measure. all that didn't work while he sat there in pain.
     well last Monday Whitty got out of work early and he must have gotten better because this time he wanted to go for a run. we went back to the (scene of the crime) weir and here we went. Whitty was even brave enough to put his skates back on. since the time change it's been getting dark early so we weren't able to stay for very long. although we did get in a few laps before it started getting dark.

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