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Thursday, March 19, 2009

big dogs

  1. today me and whitty went back down to the weir today. i didn't get to see any of my buddies but i got to meet some new guys. whitty on the other hand did see some of his buddies. there were a couple of big dogs out today but we played nice together. whitty didn't play much but he slowed down and chatted with some of his friends.

  2. we noticed that someone had used some heavy equipment to move some small boulders around and placed them along the walkway. it looked pretty good but they tore up the ground around the area. we wondered if they were going to do more 'cause we kind of like it. the boulders look like the ones that run across the top of the dam just slightly smaller.

  3. we ran across the bridge over to the other side a couple of times when we first got there. after we worked up a good thirst whitty took me down to the water. i probably drank a gallon of water strait away 'cause it was warm and sunny. i even laid down in the river, but not too long the sun was warm but the water is still cold. brrrrrr! whitty just waited till we got finished to get a drink. that was almost an 90 minutes later before we got back to the car.

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